Every Nail Technician and Esthetician Will Feel Confident in the Ladybird Line of Salon Apparel

Every nail technician and esthetician deserves to feel confident in the salon, but that can be a tall order. Most salon apparel is all about function, which is great in a demanding environment where you’re surrounded by chemicals, but most salon aprons are greatly lacking when it comes to beauty and fashion. How strange for the beauty industry to create so many formless, basic, muumuu-like smocks!
The Ladybird Line of garments is different. We definitely take durability seriously when creating our apparel, but we believe that the garments in a beauty salon should be just as durable as they are stylish. In addition to offering smocks and aprons that resist a wide variety of chemicals, we also enhance our garments with details that include:

  • Colorful zippers
  • Rhinestones
  • Studs
  • Feminine necklines
  • And more

Choose a style that’s right for you
The biggest complaint from nearly every nail technician and esthetician is that there just aren’t that many choices when it comes to aprons, smocks, and jackets. They all tend to be black with unappealing details that are specifically made to fit a wide variety of sizes and body types. There’s no arguing that these garments will protect your clothes, but we believe that what you wear all day at work should say something about your personal style.
When you shop with Ladybird Line, you aren’t stuck with a one-size-fits-all garment. Instead, we offer a wide variety of styles that will enhance your figure instead of drowning it in fabric. Options include:

  • Aprons
  • Jackets and smocks
  • Salon accessories

Don’t forget about your clients! In addition to offering different styles for salon professionals, we also offer robes that your clients will love. Our most stylish option is the golden line gown which will make your clients feel like an A-list celebrity in your salon.
Styles that are designed just for men and women
Because salon apparel is one-size-fits-all, it is made to fit both men and women. We offer some styles that are perfect for both, but they aren’t what you’d expect from a unisex garment. For example, our rocker apron can comfortably fit both men and women and provides the wearer with an edge, no matter what your gender.
Although we offer styles for men and women, Ladybird Line really shines when it comes to feminine designs as that’s where we feel the market is lacking.
Not only are our styles enhanced with fun details, many of our garments are designed to look more like clothing than aprons or smocks. For example, our professional black leopard apron is a popular choice because it can enhance your waist with a Velcro back belt, as well as your neckline with a deep V neck. If you want to add a little feminine flair to your look, try our black vintage dress apron that truly looks more like a dress than it does an apron.
If you’re tired of boring, bland, black garments, we’ve got you covered. We have a blue rhinestone jacket that you’ll love, or you can stand out with a white jacket apron. We even have a black jacket with a fun red zipper detail!
Look professional and feel professional
One of the best reasons to choose a salon apparel item from Ladybird Line is the fact that wearing something you love can greatly impact your confidence. Not only will our garments make you look professional, they’ll make you feel professional too.
Whether you’re ordering a single apron or you want to order enough jackets for your entire team, we can help. Simply place your order online or contact us to learn more.