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Look Professional from Head to Toe in Groomers Pants Suits from Ladybird Line

Shopping for protective garments can be a real challenge when you spend your days in the grooming salon. Working with dogs and cats poses unique challenges that other salon professionals never have to face. After all, nothing compares to the mess a wet dog can make!
There’s no doubt that you need full body protection, but that usually means choosing from mismatched garments. Many groomers end up with a smock or jacket in one color and pants in a different color. Although an outfit like this is completely functional, it doesn’t look professional. A matching suit is important if you want to demonstrate your professionalism to your clients and their furry companions.
We’ve got you covered at Ladybird Line. Not only do we offer jackets, smocks, and pants that are perfect for the grooming salon, we offer groomers pants suits too! Each of our matching suits are made out of the same material and colors so you can look professional from head to toe.
Unique jackets, comfortable pants
Finding matching suits for the grooming industry is a real challenge. If you do find groomers pants suits, they are almost always designed to match, and nothing more. The garments are often very plain and the pants can be very ill fitting.
We do things differently at Ladybird Line. First, we think that fashion translates to confidence. If you feel good about what you’re wearing, you’ll enjoy a boost in self-esteem.
That means our jackets aren’t like the grooming jackets you’ll find everywhere else. We offer black pantsuits with fun details like rhinestones, colorful zippers, and breathable mesh details that are sure to get noticed for all the right reasons.
Our pants are made out of the same material, making them a perfect match to our jackets and smocks. They’re made with a little fashion in mind to!. Each pair of pants includes a side zipper to provide your look with a little flair.
Comfort is important. No matter how fashionable, if you aren’t comfortable, you won’t excel in the salon. Pants can be ordered in your size, ensuring a perfect fit. Instead of utilizing snaps, zippers, or buttons, our pants utilize a drawstring tie in the front and an elastic band in the back. This allows you to customize the fit, but more importantly, it allows for comfort that lasts for hours.
Machine washable
It’s important for groomers apparel to be comfortable, and it’s even important for it to be stylish, but none of that matters if caring for those items isn’t easy. You don’t want to pull your smock and pants out of the washer only to discover they have been destroyed!
All of our pant suits are completely machine washable. At the end of a long day, simply throw your outfit in the washing machine and tumble dry it on low.
Have a little fun with accessories
It’s not just about pant suits at Ladybird Line. We offer a few fun groomers accessories too!
Currently, our accessory line includes comfy ballet flats that are perfect for the grooming salon. They can easily be folded and placed into a bag or a drawer. They come in black, but you can purchase these comfortable shoes in pink as well! No matter which color you choose, our ballet flats come in a handy carrying pouch.
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