Salon Aprons


Salon Aprons with a Little Flair

There’s no denying that every salon professional needs the right protection. This is especially true for estheticians because they regularly work with chemicals that can’t be found in your run-of-the mill hair salon. From makeup to skin care products and nail polish, it’s important that you protect your clothes.
It’s true that any old apron will do, but there’s no reason to settle for a plain black apron if you don’t want to! Instead of dreading putting on your apron in the morning, look forward to getting dressed with your choice of salon aprons at Ladybird Line!
It’s all about styles that have a little flair when you shop our wide variety of garments. You’ll find a few plain black styles in our line, but you’ll also find aprons that have unexpected patterns and fun details.
Choose one of our aprons that features an understated leopard print fabric, or add a little sparkle to your salon wardrobe with an apron that includes rhinestones. If want a look with a little edge, check out our Rocker Apron that features studs!
Some of our most popular styles are ones that enhance your figure, as they can be a bit difficult to find when you shop elsewhere. Our aprons tie in the back like all aprons do, but many of our styles also include a waist band on the front of the garment to further enhance your waist.
No matter what your personal style, we have the perfect salon apron for you!
Aprons, jackets, and more
Salon aprons are the most popular choice among nail technicians, estheticians, and beauticians because they are extremely versatile and fully adjustable, but we have many more styles to offer at Ladybird Line.
We also offer salon jacket & smocks for those who are looking for a slightly more professional look. Instead of a one-size-fits-all apron that ties in the back, our jackets and smocks are ordered in your size. Our jackets and smocks have the added benefit of providing you with protection both in front and in back.
Of course, our jackets and smocks are just as stylish as our aprons! You’ll find rhinestones, mesh, and decorative buttons on our garments.
Multiple styles in white
There’s just something classy and professional about an esthetician wearing white! That’s why so many salon professionals can be found wearing this unexpected color.
We offer a few different aprons, jackets, and smocks in this eye-catching color. Some of our most popular styles feature a decorative collar.
Whether you choose a style in white, black, or even blue, you can rest assured that all of our garments are equally easy to care for. Our styles are water repellant and chemical resistant so most messes can easily be wiped clean without leaving a stain behind.
When your garment does need a deep clean, it can easily be thrown in the washing machine, and it can even be tumble dried on low.
Styles designed with salon professionals in mind
Unlike other salon garments that are mass designed with utility in mind, the styles at Ladybird Line are carefully created by our designer, Mina Kamali. Of course, all of our styles are designed to hold up in the salon, but we take things one step further by creating styles that you’ll actually want to wear all day long. Our hope is that you fall in love with your first garment and come back for more!
We happily accept small individual orders as well as large bulk orders. Make sure you check back often to see what we have on sale! And of course, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We love helping our customers find the perfect garment!