Salon Jacket & Smocks


Look Professional in Comfortable Salon Jacket & Smocks

Whether you’re new in the salon or you’ve spent years perfecting your skills, you’ve probably noticed just how many garment choices you have! The days of choosing between just a few aprons are long gone. Today, there are more choices than ever, but the challenge is finding the right style. You want something that makes you look professional and feel comfortable at the same time.
At Ladybird Line, we’ve got you covered with a full line of salon jacket and smocks. Unlike aprons that can appear a bit unprofessional, especially in an upscale salon, our garments provide full frontal and rear coverage, providing you with a more polished, professional look.
Just because our garments look professional doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun! Our designer, Mina Kamali, has created a few different styles so you can have fun with your look.
Basic black smocks with zippers or buttons are always popular, but if you want to add a little understated bling to your work wardrobe, choose a black jacket that features a rhinestone zipper.
If black isn’t really your thing, we offer a few different color options that are just as versatile as our more traditional looks. For a splash of color, choose a black jacket with a red zipper. For more impact, choose a jacket that is blue. If you want to convey cleanliness throughout your salon, choose a white jacket.
No matter what your size or style preferences, we have a jacket or smock that will work for you.
Styles that come with matching pants
If you’re going for professionalism in the salon, you don’t want to pick up the perfect jacket and pair it with jeans! To continue the professional look, make sure you choose a jacket that can be paired with matching pants.
In order to make sure that your jacket and pants match perfectly, we sell complete pantsuit sets. No matter what kind of pants you purchase, they have all been created to provide you with comfort and style.
Each pair of pants features an elastic band in the back with a tie in the front, providing the perfect amount of stretch and adjustability. You can further alter the style of your new pants with zippers at the bottom of each leg. If you prefer a more straight-legged look, keep the zipper zipped up. If you could use a little extra leg room, or if you prefer a bootcut look, unzip the zipper.
Taking care of your clients
Not only do we provide you with a wide range of salon jacket & smocks, we also have garments that will take care of your customers while they’re making themselves comfortable in your salon!
Although we offer basic capes that are functional, our favorite client line features robes. If you expect the robe to get a bit dirty during the course of your client’s treatment, the big shirt is probably your best choice. But, if you want your clients to feel extra special, choose a gown or a robe. Our golden line client robe is so stylish and comfortable that your clients will ask if they can take it home!
Styles designed with you in mind
Here at Ladybird Line, we don’t just design garments that are affordable and stylish. We go above and beyond to create styles with you in mind. After all, an affordable, stylish garment isn’t any good if it is uncomfortable or ill-fitting!
Once you try Ladybird Line, you won’t want to buy your salon wear anywhere else. Make your first purchase online, or contact us and we’d be happy to help you with your order!