Collection: Groomers Pants

Enjoy Head to Toe Protection in the Salon with Groomers Pants

Things can get a little messy in the salon. When it comes to doing hair, dealing with water and chemicals is just part of the job, but nothing compares to the mess that can be created in the grooming salon. When you’re surrounded by wet dogs and grumpy cats, it doesn’t take long before you’re covered in water and suds from head to toe!
Traditional salon wear usually revolves around aprons, which can be great for protecting the bulk of your clothing, but they aren’t very good at protecting other areas of your body. An apron might cut it in the beauty salon, but when you’re working with furry four legged animals that are running in and out of your salon, you need something more protective. We’ve solved this problem by offering groomers pants as part of our salon garment options.
Comfort is key
The reason why so many groomers avoid pants in the salon is because garments made for this industry aren’t very comfortable. Our designer, Mina Kamali, takes the time to design each item in our line with care to ensure that each one is as comfortable as it is fashionable.
Our groomers pants utilize an elastic back waist with a drawstring in the front so you can wear your pants all day long without feeling uncomfortable. Of course, our pants can be ordered in multiple sizes, ensuring that you get a pair that fits your body perfectly.
One of our favorite features is the lower leg zipper. It’s the perfect solution if pants often feel a bit tight around your ankles, but it also provides a unique design detail to a garment that is usually very plain.
Matching pant suits
Being comfortable in the salon means being able to choose separates so that your upper half is just as comfortable as your lower half. But, having a jacket that doesn’t match your pants isn’t very professional. It can send the wrong message to clients who are looking for a clean, polished salon that will take good care of their precious pets.
We have a solution for that at Ladybird Line. We offer special groomers pants suits so you can look professional in the salon. Both the jackets and pants are made out of the same water repellent and bleach resistant material, and they come in multiple colors. No matter what your personal style, we have the perfect pant suit for you.
Easy to care for garments
It’s your job to take very good care of every animal that comes through the door, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend the same time and attention caring for your garments. After a long day at work, no one wants to have to wash their pants in the sink and hang them to dry!
We create each and every one of our garments, including our grooming pants, to be extremely easy to care for. There’s no need for spot cleaning or dry cleaning. Instead, you can throw your pants in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, then just tumble dry them on low.
In the grooming salon and beyond
Not only do we offer pants that are perfect for the grooming salon, we offer many other types of garments as well! In addition, we welcome small orders of just a few items and bulk orders so you can outfit your entire crew in the stylish, comfortable, and easy to clean garments from the Ladybird Line.
Shop around and place your order today, or give us a call and we can help you choose the right pants, jackets, aprons, and more!