Collection: Stylists Aprons

Look Professional and Feel Comfortable in our Stylists Aprons

Professionalism and comfort are extremely important in the salon. A professional look and demeanor can help you attract and keep customers because it shows them that you have what it takes to provide them with a haircut they’ll love. However, you don’t want looking professional to mean that you’re uncomfortable. If you don’t feel relaxed and at ease in the salon because you’re wearing uncomfortable garments, your work will suffer, no matter how professional you look.
The trick is to find stylists aprons that offer the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, that can be a tall order. If you’ve spent any time at all looking for an apron that looks good and is comfortable, you know that it isn’t easy to find. That is, until you start looking at Ladybird Line!
Every single one of the aprons in our line is specially created by our designer to be both professional and comfortable. You’ll be able to wear our garments all day long and convey a sense of professionalism that will keep clients coming back to your salon time and time again.
Fun fabrics, eye-catching details, and unexpected colors
Our line may be professional, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have a little fun with our styles! After all, you’ll be wearing your apron all day, every day in the salon. Shouldn’t you wear something that you feel good in?
At Ladybird Line, that means taking your pick from a large line of aprons that feature fun patterns, special details, and unexpected colors. We have a wide range of aprons that are perfect for everyone, no matter what your style.
When it comes to fabrics and patterns, we offer much more than your basic black apron. If you’re looking to stand out, choose one of our aprons that features a fun animal print, like zebra or leopard print.
If you want to have fun with your apron, but you’d like the details to be a bit more understated, we can help. From figure enhancing waistbands to studs and rhinestones, we’ve got styles with just the right amount of style.
If you really want to get noticed in the salon, choose one of our aprons that features an eye-catching color. Nothing will get attention like our sparkling aprons in black, blue, and rose! We also have a shimmering white apron that is completely waterproof, if you want to lighten your look.
We take care of your clients too
We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in the salon, which is why we offer so many wonderful aprons, jackets, and accessories to choose from, but we take things one step further by making sure that your clients are comfortable too.
We offer a wide variety of client gowns and shampoo capes that aren’t what you’d expect to find in other salons. Of course we carry large, black gowns and capes that are standard in the industry, but we also offer fun styles that will make your clients feel special every time they sit down in your chair.
Affordable prices for every budget
Looking professional and feeling comfortable shouldn’t break the bank. We believe these are two things that every salon professional deserves, so we’ve priced our line of stylists aprons at price points that fit every budget. Starting at just $15.99, we’ve got an affordable style that’s perfect for you. Because our aprons are so affordable, you can buy a few so you can wear a different apron in the salon every day!
If you have any questions about our aprons, shampoo capes, or any of our other products, contact us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. We’d also be happy to help you place a bulk order!