About Us

 In the United Kingdom, “ladybird” is the term used for the gentle and whimsical garden insect known in the United States as the ladybug. It's a symbol for luck and happiness and that is what we wish for all of our valued customers.

The Ladybird Line - Where Function and Fashion Meet. 

Our team is composed of professionals bringing industry expertise, fashion and textile design together with extensive manufacturing and pet grooming experience.

Our experience in the uniform industry is profound and we continue to change and expand each year. Mina Kamali, the owner and designer of Ladybird Line, listens to her customers and then designs with them in mind. Denika Cluett is a seasoned business consultant and a certified pet groomer and instructor. Together they design apparel that professionals need and offer a flair to the designs that ensures professionals look and feel their best while doing what they love.

Today, Ladybird Line is focused on salon and spa apparel for hair stylists, barbers and pet groomers. Our apparel line is also popular with restaurants, coffee shops, as well as home use. Functional fashion allows us to bring a unique fashion-inspired line for professionals that demand workday garments that are durable and communicate a sense of style – all at an affordable price.

Most of our smocks, vests, pants and aprons have been treated to provide you with hair, bleach and resistant features and others are waterproof for added functionality. Ladybird Line has become very well known internationally as the leader in waterproof apparel for pet grooming professionals.

The Ladybird Line offers exclusive designs utilizing unique fabrics and current fashion trends that flatter your body, build confidence and promote client loyalty. We are always looking to expand our high-quality goods to reach a greater demographic and other industries, so it is exciting to follow us to find out what is next for Ladybird Line.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and high-quality apparel to all of our customers. When our customers are satisfied, we are satisfied.

We work closely with domestic and international distributors to offer our apparel to customers that are looking for functional fashion around the world. To become a distributor, please email Denika Cluett at denika@ladybirdline.com.

Contact Us:
We would like to hear from you, please email your feedback, comments and all inquires to sales@ladybirdline.com or denika@ladybirdline.com 

Ladybird Line
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TEL: (626) 244-4418

To visit our apparel lines, go to www.ladybirdline.com