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Ladybird Line

111 - Clear Sparkle Signature Apron

111 - Clear Sparkle Signature Apron

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It Sparkles, It Shines, It’s Ladybird Line. Ladybird Line is where function and fashion meet. Stay dry and hair free, while sparkling, in this clear plastic apron with our Ladybird Line signature crossover strap. Designed with pet groomers and hair stylists in mind.

Waterproof and Hair resistant, clear sparkle material, Adjustable cross over straps for easy lightweight wear and 2 deep front pockets. No more neck pain just great coverage and style. One size fit most. 

Soak in a mild detergent for 15 minutes, rinse and hang to dry.

  • STYLE IN STYLE – These stylish clear sparkle signature crossover aprons from Ladybird Line are made to keep you ready to work all while staying clean, comfortable and dry. Their unique sparkling feature and bright red straps are sure to make your style stand out.
  • FUNCTIONAL & DURABLE – These aprons are waterproof, hair resistant and durable. They feature a crossover Ladybird Line signature strap closure, making it lightweight to wear and with a look that is sure to make a fun statement. 2 large front packets.  A one size fits most design.
  • ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL – One of the biggest challenges many professionals face daily is remaining clean and well put together, even when their job can get rather messy at times. Quite simply, these clear sparkle signature crossover aprons from Ladybird Line keep you and your clothes safe and protected from water, debris, and whatever else the workday throws your way.
  • EASY, CONVENIENT, COVERED – Even when working, your clothes need to be kept neat and clean. Whether you’re a Hairstylist, Pet Groomer, or just working at home, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you’ll stay nice and clean, no matter what stains or chemicals could pose a threat. 

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