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Ladybird Line

15 Crossover Body Scissor Case

15 Crossover Body Scissor Case

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Ladybird Line just made your life easier with this Crossover Body Signature Scissor Caddy. Keep your favorite shears and scissors secure and close to you at all times. Enjoy the easy access to the tools you need most to help you perfect that perfect trim every time.

Ideal for Pet Groomers, Hair Stylists, Barbers. Light weight, Waterproof and Hair resistant. Adjustable Ladybird Line signature cross over strap to add that extra flair when grooming dogs or cutting hair. 

  • STYLE IN STYLE – The stylish sparkling Crossover Body Signature Scissor Caddy. from Ladybird Line was designed to make your job easier and protect your favorite shears and scissors, while still looking great doing what you love. 
  • ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL – One of the biggest challenges many professionals face daily is keeping their tools close at hand and safe throughout the day. Crossover Body Signature Scissor Caddy makes a statement without saying a word.
  • EASY, CONVENIENT, COVERED –Whether you’re a Hairstylist, Pet Groomer, or just working at home, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your shears and scissors are protected and right at your fingertips for every groom, cut or and trim.
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