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Groomer & Client Big Shirt - 428

Groomer & Client Big Shirt - 428

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Ideal for clients, hair stylists, barbers and pet groomers. Soft polyester. Bleach resistant. Water resistant. Comfortable. Knee length. Deep pockets. Seven snap buttons. 3/4 Adjustable sleeve. One size fits most. 

Machine wash cold water or wash separately in a laundry bag with a mild detergent, hang to dry.

  • ENDLESS VERSATILITY – A staple item worn in most professional salon, stylist, spa and even pet grooming facilities.  These simple, yet stylish, unisex big shirts ensure that both clients and professionals remain comfortable and clean.
  • DURABLE and MADE FOR UTILITY – Made from water resistant soft polyester,  knee length with ¾ length sleeves and come with seven snap buttons to fit all body types. They also feature deep pockets to keep a professional’s tools of the trade handy at all times.
  • NO MESS, NO PROBLEM – One of the biggest challenges many professionals face on a daily basis is remaining clean and well put together, even when their job can get rather messy at times. Quite simply, these shirts, smocks, or gowns as they are sometimes known keep you and your clothes safe and protected from water, debris, and whatever else the workday throws your way.
  • SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR EVERYONE – Whether you are a dog groomer, nail technician, esthetician, massage therapist, or a client of the aforementioned professionals, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you’ll stay nice and clean. Male or female, this shirt definitely has you covered in style.
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