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Ladybird Line

Mens Terrier Print Waterproof Vest - 815

Mens Terrier Print Waterproof Vest - 815

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Product Description: 

One thing that all people view as a priority is a professional appearance at work. While styling dogs all day, groomers want to look good and remain clean throughout the day. It is important to be comfortable and protected while doing your job. These Terrier Print waterproof and hair repellent vests feature Terrier Breed front paneling, v neck styling, 2 front pockets with lapels and a smooth front zipper. Look great doing what you love.

  • GROOMER BEST FRIEND – As all professionals know, work can get messy from time to time, and it is important to maintain a clean and professional image. Ladybird line designs with you in mind. The Men’s Terrier Print waterproof and hair repellent vest is made to keep you clean and comfortable all day with a high v neck styling, professional front print paneling and black front zipper to enhance your sense of style. 
  • COMFORT AND STYLE – Made from a lightweight, high quality polyester. This vest features 2 front pockets with lapels and bottom zippers for removing hair and debris. The convenient smooth zipper provides ease with taking the jacket on and off throughout the day.  
  • NO MESS, NO PROBLEM – One of the biggest challenges many professionals face is remaining clean and presentable, even when their job can get messy at times. This jacket is hair repellent, bleach resistant and waterproof to ensure you stay dry during the bathing process. Ladybird Line Terrier breed print waterproof vests keep you and your clothes protected from water, debris, hair, and whatever else the workday throws your way. 
  • EASY, CONVENIENT, COVERED – Even when working, your clothes need to be kept neat and clean. You can put your mind at ease that you will stay nice and clean, when dog hair and debris pose as a threat. 
  • WASH AND WEAR – Recommend hand wash cold water, no bleach, hang to dry. 


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