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The Catty Groomer Waterproof Apron - 625

The Catty Groomer Waterproof Apron - 625

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The vibrant Catty Groomer Waterproof Apron…. Isn’t it Puurrrfect? These functional and fashionable waterproof and hair resistant aprons features 8 Feline breeds and was exclusively designed with animal lovers in mind. From the Maine Coon to the American Shorthair, we got your favorite cat breeds showcased.

Waterproof with inside mesh lining, vibrant portrait style cat designs. Bleach resistant, Hair resistant, Adjustable neck band, 2 deep side pockets, Tie belt. One size fit most. 100% treated polyester. Hand wash cold water with a mild detergent, hang to dry.

  • COMFORTABLE GROOMING – Grooming pets can get messy and anyone who has spent time with pets knows that. Aprons are an essential part of grooming and waterproof aprons are a must when bathing dogs. These waterproof grooming aprons from Ladybird Line feature an inside mesh lining for added comfort.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND FUN – They are waterproof, hair resistant, and bleach resistant allowing them to be both durable and comfortable, without sacrificing their purpose. They also feature deep side pockets designed to keep hair out. The exclusively designed and vibrant Cat breeds aprons are a hit with animal lovers, competition groomers and pet groomers.
  • ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL – One of the biggest challenges many professionals face is remaining clean and well put together, even when their job can get rather messy at times. Quite simply, these lightweight waterproof aprons from Ladybird Line keep you and your clothes safe and protected from water, debris, hair, and whatever else the workday throws your way.
  • EASY, CONVENIENT, COVERED – Even when working, your clothes need to be kept neat and clean. These waterproof aprons can be used as needed to keep you dry and protect your clothes from water and debris during the bathing process. So comfortable and stylish that you won’t want to take it off. 


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