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The Classic Black Waterproof Jacket - 950

The Classic Black Waterproof Jacket - 950

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Dressing like the professional that you are makes all the difference. Pet Groomers and Hair Stylists can look their best, and equally as important, stay protected throughout the day while doing what they love. Our Classic Black Waterproof Jackets are truly where function and fashion meet.

At Ladybird Line, the difference is in the details. Our Classic Black Waterproof Jackets feature: waterproof front panels, hair repellent functionality, a protective zipper cover lapel, 2 front pockets with lapels and bottom zippers, mesh lining, and a mesh back design, plus an adjustable belt. Sizes XS- 6XL. 

  • STAY DRY STYLING –As all pet groomers know, bathing dogs can get messy, but it is an essential part of the job. Ladybird Line designs functional and fashionable apparel that allows you to look great and stay dry. These stylish classic black waterproof with mesh back styling jackets, and are made to keep you ready to work while staying dry and comfortable. The added front zipper cover panel ensures you stay dry during the bathing process and helps to protect you when rubbing against tubs and grooming tables.
  • ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL – One of the biggest challenges many groomers face daily is remaining clean and well put together, even when their job can get rather messy. Quite simply, these waterproof and hair-repellent jackets from Ladybird Line keep you and your clothes safe and protected from water, debris, and whatever else the workday throws your way. It is also a great compliment to the matching black waterproof apron and vest.
  • FUNCTIONAL FASHION - These jackets are waterproof, hair repellent, bleach resistant, making them a staple for daily use while keeping you comfortable. Their unique mesh back design and classic black color ensure your style is professional and you look your best while working with clients.
  • SIZES AND FIT- Measurements are true to size but if you require more room for movement or if wearing over another garment, go up one size. The size chart is reflective of the garment size dimensions.

Ladybird Line Women’s Size Chart Guideline
• XS  2 – 4
• S    4 – 6
• M    6 – 8
• L     8 – 10
• XL   10 – 12
• 2XL 12 – 14
• 3XL 14 – 16
• 4XL 16 – 18
• 5XL 18 – 20
• 6XL 20 – 22

Size Chart:
The size chart is reflective of the garment size dimensions.

XS Chest 40" Hip 42" Length 27"
S Chest 42" Hip 44" Length 28"
M Chest 44" Hip 46" Length 28"
L Chest 46" Hip 48" Length 29"
XL Chest 48" Hip 50" Length 30"
2XL Chest 50" Hip 52" Length 30"
3XL Chest 52" Hip 54" Length 31"
4XL Chest 54" Hip 56" Length 32"
5XL-Chest 56"-Hip 58"Length 33"
6XL-Chest 62"-Hip 64"Length 33"
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