Collection: Client Gowns

Keep Your Clients Comfortable with the Right Client Gowns

People come to your salon because they want to leave looking and feeling great. Whether they request the same haircut every single time they step foot in your door or you have a new client who’s looking to change up his or her style, it’s important that they feel comfortable in your salon chair.
If they are uncomfortable, it can affect how they feel about your services, which can ultimately cause them to leave your salon feeling disappointed. There’s no match for your skills with a pair of scissors, but the right client gowns come in a close second!
Choosing the right gown from Ladybird Line can make a huge difference in how your clients feel when they sit in your chair. They can also help protect your client’s clothing. No one wants to leave the salon with a new stain on their shirt!
Our gowns are made with your clients in mind. We have styles that hang loosely and button up the front or back, but we also have styles that tie around the waist, giving your client the feeling of being in a spa instead of the average salon. No matter which style you choose from the Ladybird Line, your clients will want to kick back and relax while you work your hairstyling magic.
Luxurious styles and fun prints
Many client gowns are so blasé. Although the basic black gown can definitely get the job done, and every salon may need to have a few laying around, why not expand your gown offerings with a few that feature luxurious construction and fun prints?
Our Golden Line Gown is one of our favorites because it is made out of luxurious polyester fabric and features alternating stripes of black and gold. It’s so luxurious that your clients will want to take it home with them and hang it in the bathroom!
We like to have fun with patterns too! We are especially fond of animal prints. Gowns with prints have the added benefit of hiding spots and stains, allowing you to use them even when harsh chemicals and dark hair dyes are being used.
Have a little fun with unexpected shampoo cape styles
Gowns are a must in the salon, but if you’re looking for something a bit more basic when a client is looking for a quick wash and trim, nothing beats our shampoo capes.
Plain capes aren’t hard to find, but you have your choice of eye-catching styles when you shop at Ladybird Line! We have capes in black, but we also have capes in fun colors like olive green, orange, and yellow. We even have capes with polka dots.
Without a doubt, our favorite client capes feature a clear plastic panel that’s perfect for texting and surfing the internet on a cellular device. Pulling out one of these special capes is sure to make your clients smile!
Uniquely designed styles without designer prices
Everyone wants to treat their clients to a special experience in the salon, but that doesn’t mean you want to pay an arm and a leg for your garments. Ladybird Line offers the perfect solution because our very own designer creates unique styles with an eye for affordability. Styles start at just $16, and you can often find special prices and discounts on some of our garments when you check our site regularly.
Shop our gowns and place your order today! If you have any questions, or you’d like to place a bulk order, give is a call or send us a quick email and we’d be happy to help. Your clients will be glad you did!