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Ladybird Line Groomers Jackets & Smocks Will Make You Feel More Comfortable in the Salon

When it comes to salon wear, it isn’t uncommon to see most professionals, whether in the hair salon or the grooming salon, wearing traditional one-size-fits-all aprons. There’s no denying that these types of garments are effective in many situations, but they aren’t necessarily comfortable or effective in a line of work that deals with wet dogs!
If you’re looking for full 360-degree protection, it doesn’t get any better than groomers jackets & smocks from Ladybird Line. Instead of tying around the waist and exposing your back, these garments wear like a true jacket, providing you with superior protection from the water, soap, and chemicals that are so common in the grooming salon.
Buttons, zippers, and unexpected details
Aprons are a popular choice because they’re so easy to wear, and they can fit nearly any body type. However, if you’re planning on wearing a protective garment in the salon all day, every day, you will likely want to look into styles that are more fitted to your shape.
All of our groomers jackets & smocks are made either with buttons or zippers in the front of the garment, making them extremely easy to put on and take off. Because these garments are clasped in this way, they can be ordered in your size, up to 4XL.
In addition to buttons and zippers, there are many other unexpected details that make our jackets and smocks stand out from others that you may find elsewhere.
Many of our styles have an adjustable back belt, further enabling you to customize the fit of your garment. Our buttons and zippers are anything but boring. Some of our jackets utilize a fun red zipper, while others are decorated with rhinestones for a little sparkle.
Black is popular because it can camouflage stains and spots without compromising its professional look. We definitely have multiple choices in this popular color, but we have fun blue smocks too!
Pair your jacket or smock with protective pants
If you work in a grooming salon, you know how messy it can get. Jackets and smocks are a great way to protect the front and back of your body, but they don’t traditionally come in overly long lengths to protect your legs. That’s where our groomers pants come in.
We offer two different styles in protective pants that have been specially designed to match each and every one of our jackets. They are bleach resistant and water repellant, and they utilize a drawstring waistband to ensure that you’re comfortable at work all day long.
Styles that are perfect for both men and women
Because we design items that are flattering, we are hugely popular with women, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the men!
Some of our styles are made with women in mind, like our groomers rhinestone jacket that features sparkles and an adjustable back belt. However, there are other styles that are just as comfortable for men as they are for women.
The barber jacket in black includes flattering seams that can enhance the female form, but without an adjustable back belt, it is just as comfortable for men.
If you’re a man or a woman who’s looking for a little more coverage, and a garment that is loosely fitted, choose the groomer and client big shirt.
Find the right groomers garment
It’s all about finding the right garment for you. Whether comfort is your number one concern or you’re looking for a jacket that has special details that make you feel professional and beautiful, we’ve got the right one for you. Take some time to browse all your options before you place your order, or give us a call and we can answer any questions that you may have.